Student Entitlement :

Students at AHS receive a structured programme of activities which include:


  • A planned programme of careers education, within the PSHEE programmes of study, which includes careers events, industry days and the production of a personal folder;
  • Access to a range of impartial guidance activities including: in depth professional guidance by Career Advisors, support making options choices, target setting days, parents' events and preparation for work experience;
  • Access to accurate, comprehensive and unbiased information;
  • A range of experiences of the world of work including: vocational training (all students have to choose a vocational option for KS4) and work experience opportunities for some students;
  • Opportunities to record achievement through self-assessment in all curriculum areas and the production of annual personal statements. Action planning activities take place through target setting days, parents' evenings, transition planning and the production of Career Action Plans for some students in conjunction with the Careers Advisor.

To help with career ideas: scroll down to careers advice, click on browse job profiles to start your search. Click on the skills health tool. This is designed to give you information about your skills, interests and motivations in the workplace and help you think about the kind of jobs that might be of interest to you in the future. Information and advice is available on making your Option Choices. Quiz to help you work out what kind of person you are.


Specific Career ideas:

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