We believe that:

  • A very important part of learning is completing further study tasks at home
  • Good work habits are developed through well managed homework
  • The self-discipline which comes from learning at home is central to our pupils’ success
  • All pupils should be encouraged to be independent learners
  • Receive feedback how well they are progressing and feel able to ask for help when necessary.
  • All pupils are issued with planners in which they can record their homework and any other reminders they need. The planners are checked regularly by tutors and parents/carers are asked to sign them weekly.

    Homework may not always be written and may involve reading, research, studying, revision or discussion. Final projects, portfolio work or other long-term assignments that serve as a demonstration of pupil learning can also be considered an aspect of planned homework;

    Study support is available to pupils during lunchtime and after school in the school library.

    Teachers are expected to:

  • Plan carefully and organise homework assignments in accordance with time length guidelines
  • Assign homework which is appropriate to pupils’ needs and abilities, taking into account those with a learning difficulty or disability, able gifted and talented and the exceptionally able
  • Make clear to pupils at the time of the assignment the purposes of homework, the guidelines or rules, and the basis for giving feedback on work completed
  • Monitor and check for student understanding of the assignment and skills necessary to successfully complete the homework
  • Review, acknowledge and return homework in a timely manner
  • Utilise homework to locate problems in pupils’ progress and to personalise guidance and instruction
  • Keep accurate records of homework completed and not submitted for individual students. However, time is not expected to be used by classroom teachers ‘chasing’ students for homework that has not been returned or completed
  • Discuss with parents/carers concerns as they arise
  • Develop a consistent pattern for homework expectations between and across grade levels, disciplines and courses.
  • Pupils are expected to:

  • Record homework assignment(s) in their planners and to ask for help if needed before leaving school
  • Take home all necessary materials to complete assignment(s)
  • Schedule and organise time for homework that is compatible with family and/or after school activities
  • Schedule time free from distractions
  • Complete and return homework on time
  • Talk to their teacher(s) about any homework concerns
  • Collect and hand in all work missed during absence from school.
  • Parents are encouraged to:

  • Provide encouragement and support and show interest in their child's work
  • Assist their child in developing good study habits by providing a comfortable, well-lit area free from distractions
  • Ensure that their child has sufficient time to study and participate in family or outside activities
  • Schedule a regular time for homework completion
  • Monitor homework completion and the efficient use of time
  • Ensure their child completes their own homework, unless otherwise specified
  • Discuss with subject teachers any concerns regarding homework
  • Check and sign weekly their child’s planner
  • Acknowledge responsible homework habits and effort
  • Request for homework for their child during extended absences from school.
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