Our mission is towards:


Our Young People [The Students]:

To develop the ‘whole person’ in preparation for life, work and society providing the opportunity for individuals to develop their ability to the full.

Our Parents and Carers:

To provide the highest quality education; working together as partners so that children and young people achieve maturity as adults.

Our Staff:

To maintain and develop the high quality and expertise of all staff, to help them achieve personal well-being, professional satisfaction and achievement, which directly benefits our students.

Our Community:

To encourage concern for and identity with our community, working with individuals, agencies and enterprises to prepare our students for society and the world of work.

Our World:

To play our part in producing desirable skills and qualities of character in our young people to enable them to make the most effective, positive contribution to our Global Society.


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Aldercar High School
Daltons Close
Langley Mill
NG16 4HL

  01773 712477


  Headteacher: Clare Hatto

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